Why Do People Like Playing E-Games


Gamers nowadays are spending number of hours per day to save the princesses, dodge the bullets and killing enormous monsters. Researches all around the world attempts to explain the effects of e-games on a human society with some of the researchers encouraging people to play e-games while some discourage them not to play. Some discourage violence whereas; some encourages it with a perception that it increases the man power and enhance the leadership quality of a gamers. However, people do not ask that we play e-games or video games at the first place. In this article, I will discuss the common factors that attracts people to play e-games.

Why Do People Like Playing E-Games

Why Do People Like Playing E-Games

Common factors that attracts people to play e-games

  1. Human brains contain nerve cells which are known as Mirron Neurons. These cells enable you to put yourself into someone else’s place in order to feel his or her emotions. When we play an e-game in which we are playing the character of a hero or a swords man etc, then actually we are experiencing their emotions. For instance, if a hero saves the world then more likely you will also feel that you have also saved the world. In the other example, if a swords man save someone’s life then you might think that you have also saved someone’s life.
  2. Puzzle games are increasingly gaining people attention from all parts of the world primarily due to a reason that it boosts your self-esteem whenever you solve any problem. Even the non-puzzle games would give you a great feeling when you have successfully master them. For instance, when you defeat all the other gamers in Mohaa 2, then you may have a feeling of superiority that will eventually boost your self-esteem.
  3. Your life may have been stressed a lot for which you desperately need to escape from those stressful events. Playing e-games would help you to escape to another world of fantasy. It is possible because most of the video games allow you to live in a fantasy world for a few hours instead of, living in the real world. This could be one of the prime reason why most people like fantasy and action games.
  4. Many people enjoys when they chase a reward for accomplishing the missions. The more we chase rewards, the more we gets excited and therefore, we enjoy the amount of dopamine.
  5. In the real world, many people are too much afraid of facing challenge and terror in the world which is not the case in playing e-games. If they die playing a game, they will get a new life. Although, their confidence is boosted to a very high level with the development of cheating codes when they are unable to kill by the monsters.
  6. Those who have lost their control in some of the areas of their real world, they always seeks to regain that lost control. While playing e-games, many of the gamers are able to control the environment around which in contrast to their real world, cannot control. As a result, they became addicted to e-games or so called video games to retain their over life.
  7. It is a reckless true that many people miserably failed to achieve their dreams in real life which upon failing, they are very disappointed and stressed. Playing e-games could provide you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams in the fantasy world of e-games. For instance, a person who could not fulfill his dream of becoming a Military Soldier would be able to fight as a soldier in any fighting military games. Another example could be traced in a way, that if a person is intended to save the world which he could not accomplish then certain e-games could provide him/her the opportunity to save the world.

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