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The Best Live Casino Games with Low House Edge

The Best Live Casino Games with Low House Edge

Before playing online casino games, you have to think whether you just want to have fun or make some extra profits. You see, this is because there are plenty of games at the Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games. Live casino games differ from one another, some may not pay equally or as regular as others. There is in fact a way to know what these games are through the best live casino games with low house edge.

What is a House Edge?

Before we get in to the list of live casino games, first we have to know what a house edge is. A house edge is the way of online casinos to make money. This is applied to all casino games and it is found every time a player places a bet. This is why choosing the lowest house edge casino games is important. Playing a game with 2% edge means you get to take back 98% of your stake by providing you with a combination of both winning and losing while playing.

The Best Live Casino Games with Low House Edge

The Best Live Casino Games with Low House Edge
The Best Live Casino Games with Low House Edge

European Roulette

The reason I recommend the European Roulette to its counterpart (American Roulette) is simple. It has only one zero (0) found on the wheels. Single bet pays 35:1 but in the American version there are 37 numbers on the reels and if it lands on either zeros, there is no winner. It doesn’t take a math genius to know that by removing the additional zero, the odds will be much lower.

Online Slot Machines

I’m sure that you are wondering why online slot machines are on this list since they are called by most as a one-armed bandit. But as you don’t know, there are many online slot machines with low house edge. This comes in the forms of different features such as free spins, bonus rounds as well as the return to player rates.

In order to find the best slot title with low house edge, first you need to do your research. Look for games that has a high RTP; a good one will be 97% and above. There is no sure win strategy when playing online slot machines, however by doing that way you can boost your chances.

Baccarat (Any Variant)

The game of Baccarat is not only fast paced, has easy betting options but also offers a low house edge. Even the variations of this game such as Super 98 and 7 UP offers the same odds to players. Your goal is to place your stake regularly on the Player hands which has better odds. To put it simply, the banker hands will stand around a house edge of 1.01%. Stakes on the Player hands have a house advantage of 1.2% which is not bad. Remember that winning on banker comes with commission which depends on the site that you are playing at.


By playing the best live casino games with low house edge, you are definitely have a better chance to walk away with money on your pockets. Remember, do not forget to limit yourself when playing at online casino sites. It may have a good house edge but do not forget they are still a form of games of chances.

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