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Strange Casino Moments


Casinos are the place where almost anything can happen. In most cases there have been series of events which left the people in the state of awe and delusion. Casinos are the spots where people lose control and in most of the cases they get too much over excited that they do not pay attention to the surroundings or they do not seem to be worried about the after effects that their actions can cause to them and also to the surroundings. But we cannot blame those people for their irrational behavior because casinos are the ones who make it happen. They are the actual cause. They make people do all kind of weird stuff and so the people are compelled to do so. There have been so many strange behaviors of people that were observed and so they led to the strangest casino moments of all time.

Strange Casino Moments

Strange Casino Moments

Some of the very weird and strange situations that have been caused just due to the mere presence of the casino are discussed below.

  1. The parking lot

Parking area is absolute craziness for the casino lovers. The parking areas are so full in such a little time even there is no space in the parking area for the handicapped. Once a handicapped boy came to the security officer available at the parking lot and showed him the pass he had for the handicapped parking and told him that there was no space for his car there and that he was unable to walk such a long way. The officer was just so humiliated and had nothing to say about it. The handicapped boy had to go back the garage really upset due to the situation of the parking area.

  1. Myths about the gaming machine

Undoubtedly, it has to be admitted that the gamblers are quite superstitious and they do all sort of random things in order to make their luck really good. A woman gave that card to an Asian woman and said to rub it with her skirt so that it will bring luck to it. Totally bizarre, isn’t it? The customers get really furious and angry when the machines are being cleaned up. They believe that by doing so the machine will become unlucky. Some customers have done even more awkward things. One customer asked the worker to tell the machine to make him the winner. The customer had a true belief that there was some kind of man sitting in the machine and he would listen to the workers of the casino.

  1. The simple psychos creating chaos

The workers of the casino have disclosed a story about a really psycho person. He came into the casino and started to disturb all the guests that were there. People complained about him and so he was warned several times but he just did not listen. When he was confronted, all he did was saying bad words and nothing at all. Whenever he was asked a question he would repeat the same bad words again and again. The police was called and so they took him away.

  1. An unlocked vehicle

An automobile was spotted by the workers of the casino in the parking. All of the doors were left unlocked and opened. The whole parking lot was empty and the owner of the car was nowhere around. The worker was instructed to go and lock the car but soon it came to the knowledge of the officials that the owner of the car had left it this way as he could not wait anymore to go the casino and so he had to leave the car unlocked.

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