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Sicbo – How To Play And Win This Casino Game

What is a casino game? Did you ever feel why everyone talks about it? Let us know about that in detail. The casino games avails the gamer with many opportunities unlike other outdoor and indoor games. It is the game that doesn’t require any physical strength or knowledgeable mind. All you need to have is some amount of betting skills, and enthusiasm on the game. These are the reasons why many people get attracted to these games. This helps the gamer to enjoy as well as earn money out it very easily.  Among many casino games one of the most popular and enjoyable game is sicbo – how to play and win this casino game? Without much ado let us know how we can play and win this game without any major ambiguity.

Sicbo – How To Play And Win This Casino Game

The process involved is very simple and easy to understand. The main aim of Sic Bo game is to bet on the outcome of three dice. You first have to choose the chip size and then place those chips on your choice of predicted outcome on the Sic Bo table. You can even choose multiple numbers and segregate your chips depending on your predictions and strategies. If you are playing online Sic Bo then you will have a virtual Sic Bo table and using the mouse you can place the chips according to your wish.

Best Strategies that help you out in winning the game

  • Try to be on Defensive side

There are different types of bank rolls it is better you choose the method you want to play depending on your money capacity. Mostly beginners choose Low risk method and those who can tackle little risk and having a medium bank roll can opt for Medium risk method. Last but not the least all those who are well experienced in this game can opt for High risk method and enjoy the bonuses.

  • Triple game e. choosing same numbers on the three dice and if you win the bet you would win a triple bonanza.
  • Double game e. if you feel betting on a single number is risky job then you can bet on the same number twice and then bet on another number which is left out.
  • For all the beginners it’s better not to take risks and all those who want a certain amount of money on their every bet then using Small bet and big bets option is very safe and their probability of winning is also very high but the payout is low when compared to others.
  • Small bet, here by choosing this you are expecting the sum total on all the three dice would lay between 4 and 10.
  • Big bet, here by choosing this you are expecting the sum total on all the three dice would lay between 11 and 17.
  • Also don’t forget to use the multiple bet option say if you bet on number 7 twice and 3 on the other die. If this bet hits then you are very lucky indeed as you would get double bonus.


Now you know sicbo – how to play and win this casino game. It is one of the easy and highly paid casino games at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. For all those who want to double their small bank rolls can opt for this fun loving game. So don’t waste your time in thinking about the old myths just give it try and experience the amazing features of this game. All you need to know about this game is its simple strategies and an optimistic approach towards the game.

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