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Rawiri Pou Scopes a Jackpot Win of $10.1M


On June 17th, 2016 New Zealand native gambler hits a jackpot win of $10.1 Million through Mega Molaah at an online gambling site called He was an ordinary KFC worker who walked away with almost $10.1 Million dollars after claiming the jackpot win. Rawiri Pou being a smart gambler has played with maximum $6 bet per spin. The amount which he used for gambling was not big because he could not afford more than $6 bet per sin. That is why, many gambling sites are advising the gamblers to risk money which they could easily afford and do not place big wagers for which they need to rely on debt. As the New Zealand man has won an outstanding amount of almost $10.1 Million, now the governments will be more likely to take actions which will further encourage the people to play gambling games on the international online casino sites. Pou on Tuesday graced the conference held at an Auckland Hotel where he was presented a giant cheque of $10,144,395.82 for winning the online casino slot.

Rawiri Pou Scopes a Jackpot Win of $10.1M

Rawiri Pou Scopes a Jackpot Win of $10.1M
Rawiri Pou Scopes a Jackpot Win of $10.1M

The 27 years old Rawiri Pou currently works at KFC in Matamata said that he initially won $1500 by playing the online set but he then chose to roll over his winnings which fortunately, led him to win a giant cash amount on June 17th. The spokesperson of casinoland has also made a promise stating that Rawiri Pou will get his life changing amount by this Friday and he is really happy to see him winning such a giant amount.

Pou during the conference stated that he does not have any plan to quit KFC job and I still do not know what and how to feel about it. He also stated that he do feel smug about his parents who have always scolded him for wasting money on such useless gambling sites.

Rawiri Pou such a lucky player

However, the massive achievement of Rawiri Pou is a huge embarrassment for the government of New Zealand as the Kiwis are prohibited from placing bets on international gambling sites. Now the New Zealand government has become smart enough to remove such restrictions like the UK Licensed Casinoland and the Malta etc. The only permitted form of online gambling in New Zealand is TAB’s online sports and race betting. Last summer, the local casino operator well known as SkyCity Entertainment was severely punished just for launcing online casino free of cost.

The comment of New Zealand on the win of Rawiri Pou is still pending but the New Zealand racing board seems to be reluctant in answering the phone calls demanding to know about the Racing Minister who is going to ensure that the people do not realize the available options.

In recent years, many people have become richer because of the lucrative nature of Mega Moolah games. They were able to earn the nickname of Millionaire for themselves as they were payed giant amounts of cash. This was not only the first time when any ordinary man has won a jackpot but instead, the benefits of Mega Moolah continues before the jackpot win of Pou when a UK gambler able to win £17.9 Million by playing Mega Moolah in terms of Microgaming at Beta way which is regarded as one of the  best online gambling site. Despite the enriching benefits of online casino games especially the Mega Moolah ones that could make you a millionaire in few seconds, many government have restricted the access to international gambling sites where such Mega Moolah games could be played in order to win a life changing amount of cash.

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