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Online Dragon Tiger Tricks that Actually Works

Online Dragon Tiger, a live casino game which is almost the same as Casino War and Baccarat at the same time. It is invented in Cambodia and very popular in Asian casinos. This game is getting really popular today worldwide because on how it is so easy to play. It is fast paced, played with a real live dealer, uses a standard deck of cards. The goal to win this game is simple just like in baccarat, but here you will have to choose from Dragon, Tiger or Tie. However, just like other gambling games, you should not lower your guards. Arm yourself with right knowledge about online dragon tiger tricks that actually works so that you can take advantage of its huge payouts.

Online Dragon Tiger Tricks that Actually Works

Ignore the Tie Bet

Some players are easily blinded by the huge odds offered by the Tie bet. Do not be one of those players. Like in Baccarat, tie bets also rarely occur at Online Dragon Tiger. Your best option is only to bet whether on the Dragon or Tiger. These bets have the lowest house edge, with only 3.73%, not like other possible bets. Bet which hand you think will have the highest card value, that’s the best way you can do to earn money.

Card Counting is Perfect for Online Dragon Tiger

The fact that the game uses very little number of cards dealt with each deal, makes it easier to count the cards and keep track of them. Card counters will become very rich in a few house of playing this game. Here is an important tip, you need to keep track on how many 7’s are dealt already, the reason? No matter what wager you make, if a 7 is drawn you will lose your wager.

Suit Based Wagering Strategy

Online Dragon tiger just like other gambling games is a game of luck. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to improve our winning chances. One of the best ways to do is to place a wager on the suit. Remember that you need to keep track of the suits which have been already dealt for this strategy to be effective. Here is a good example, calculate how many suit have been used and are in play. If your calculation show that after quite some time hearts have been played the least, your best option is to wager on the hearts suit.

Betting Strategies Doesn’t Work Here

Many casino players are suggesting the use of betting strategies because of the simplicity of the game. But they are wrong. No one has ever made a news about winning the game using betting systems. So don’t believe what you have read on some articles about betting systems being used on Online Dragon Tiger. Just play the game without them and you can win lots of money.

Play at the Live Casino with the Best Value for Money

This is another important thing to do. Only play this game at a licensed and accredited website. The reason? Well the first thing is that licensed casinos always have big promotion offers all year round. And more importantly, you can be rest assured that you will get your money as soon as possible.

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