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Odds and Payout of Betting in a Single Number in Roulette Game

Having 37 or 38 pockets, roulette offers players various kinds of bets. You can even place a wager on some specific zones to increase your winning opportunities. Nevertheless, how much are the odds and payout of betting in a single number in roulette game?

Odds and Payout of Betting in a Single Number in Roulette Game

What is the Single Number Bet?

The single number bet in roulette is one of some inside bets that the game offers. Whether you use the European or American roulette table, you keep placing your bet on a single number or a group of a single number. The bet is also called the straight-up bet or “en plein” in French.

Let us say that you use the more profitable European roulette table having 37 pockets. You may assume that a specific number will come out once in 37 spins and so do the other number. In fact, this probability is almost impossible. During the 37 spins, you can find that some numbers do appear once, some appear twice or more, and the rest do not come up.

Hence, many players try to utilize this fact to boost their winning percentage. They aim to find the “hot numbers” that often appear on the roulette table. In implementing the method, they can use this 37 spins system or the Pivot system which uses 35 spins.

The Single Number Bet’s Odds and Payout

This bet rewards you with a mouth-watering payout of 35 to 1. Nevertheless, the odds of betting on a single number on a European roulette table or an American roulette table are very low. If you are using a European roulette table, the odds is 2.70%, while using the American one gives you 2.63%.

How It Works

The first thing that you must do is splitting your bankroll into tiny proportions to be used in each wager. It is advisable that you use no more than $1 per unit. You will multiply the unit as you record the hot number, thus the stake will get bigger.

You will bet a unit on one number. Then, if the number comes up twice, you will bet two units on that number on the next spin. Let’s say you lose and the ball lands on a number that has not appeared before, then you must place another bet of one unit on that number. Hence, the number of bets will increase depending on how many numbers come up during 37 or 35 spins.

The Advantages

Well, it’s exciting to win such a risky bet, isn’t it? The adrenaline rush when you are winning is priceless. Moreover, its payout is very high even at online casinos like Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia.

The Disadvantages

First, you need a high bankroll and you must win early. Otherwise, the loss you get on an early losing run cannot disappear quickly. You also need much time to notice the biased table and the bias itself must be big enough. You lose much in the meantime and even if you manage to make profits, the casino will know about the bias, then switch or replace the table.

After knowing the odds and payout of betting in a single number in roulette game, what do you want to do? Will you use it for later? If you are a daredevil who loves flirting with risks you may try the bet. Just know when to stop though.

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