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Marco Reus is the rising star of Germany soccer team

Marco Reus is the rising star of Germany soccer team

Marco Reus, born on 31 May 1989 in Dortmund, began to play soccer at a very early age for his hometown club Post SV Dortmund in 1994. Now aged 27, he is a German professional soccer with a jersey number 11, who plays as an attacking midfielder and striker for German club Borussia Dortmund and the Germany national team.

Reus is arguably one of the world’s best Soccer player. He is known for his versatility, speed and technique. He assists the goals, has nerves of steel, and is good at putting pressure on opponent’s defense at all time, hence overall one of our most skilled and most important players. However, that wouldn’t be all since he’s pretty good at other disciplines as well. He’s very good at dealing with difficult situation. He always creates free spaces and knows how to make them a good advantage for his peers. He sees spaces in front of him and is fast at exploiting them, always picks up pace very fast. He is really intelligent when it comes to passes, and great at finishing due to his incredible shooting technique.

Marco Reus is the rising star of Germany soccer team

Marco Reus is the rising star of Germany soccer team
Marco Reus is the rising star of Germany soccer team

Here are some of the remarkable events:

  • He scored a goal in each of his first two games.
  • In 2008–09, as a 19-year-old, he had his unearthing as a professional footballer, playing 27 games and scoring four goals.
  • Reus was the Footballer of the year in Germany, 2012, and was on the UEFA team of the year in 2013.
  • 2012 was his most successful season for him when he scored 18 goals and assisting eight of them.
  • He was to join the German squad for the World Cup finals, but was at last made to withdraw after suffering an ankle injury.

Reus will become the face of the FIFA series of video games made by EA Sports. Reus runs fast, has a good movement and runs with the ball very well. Most passes will be forward passes, fast and directive. He has an edge handling the free kicks and he is also very consistent with penalties. His playing style as an attacker very much fits the Dortmund. He dribbles well, but doesn’t try to slow up the game with stupid tricks. Instead he blows past the defense, very fast and coordinated. Reus is a very versatile and intelligent all round player. One is confident to put him in the center as a solid playmaker or put him on the sides to make some great crosses. He has fantastic awareness, and always does a good throw in for his mates.

If there is something called the signature move of Marco Reus that would probably be his shooting technique as well as his high-speed dribbling. No eye candy or anything, plain effectiveness. Alike Parkour on the football pitch, the opponent defenders are merely obstacles, he will be playing to find the quickest possible way forward. Reus plays primarily as a left attacker, however, he is also capable of playing on the right side and through the center of the pitch, as he can control the ball with both feet.

Comparing Marco Reus with other exceptionally talented players, He’s not as definitively portrayed like Ronaldo, known for his tricks, footwork and incredible physique. Comparing Reus with his team mate Goetze, both are exceptionally talented, each of them has his own unique set of skills. Reus is a great dribbler, but his control is not on par with Goetze’s, but Reus’s aggression and quickness provided him with extremely direct style of tackling opponents. Reus just needs the perfect condition for effective dribbling, but if given opportunity to counterattack, he is a nightmare for defenders.

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