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Football: Some of the Problems that are being Created by Money


It is a common concept among people that everything gets better and well organized by the help of money and in many cases money is the only thing that helps to get over hurdle very expertly and in less time. All in all everybody knows that money is a blessing that is very important but the fact about which we are not aware is that this blessing has proved to be a cause of problems to football. It is said by the officials that football is literally being ruined by money and so steps have to be taken in order to solve these issues and save football leagues from destruction. For the 2016-19 seasons the Premier league had earned about 5.1 billion pounds and looking at this huge amount and closely analyzing the impact money is having on the game of football the panel jotted down the main problems caused by money and want to take effective steps in order to solve them.

Football: Some of the Problems that are being Created by Money

Football: Some of the Problems that are being Created by Money
Football: Some of the Problems that are being Created by Money
  1. Spirit for the game

The players who used to play for the patriotism that they had among their hearts and they felt the true spirit for the game of football are not here anymore. If any player nowadays that he plays solely for his league or his country then it becomes quite hard to believe. Because the players now very well know that football has turned into a Hollywood studio that a star will earn more money than the regular players and so now players are more inclined towards the idea of earning as much money as they can and their mind sets have changed. They do not have the feeling of patriotism among themselves instead they are playing to earn money.

  1. Adherence to the label

Since the sponsors are increasing day by day as it is realized by them that by sponsoring in the matches they can get high profits. This has become a good source of advertisement for their products and due to this the fans who are almost crazy for the game of football they especially approach the brands that have sponsored for the league or for their favorite team. Furthermore it was also quoted by the panel that the prize for the tickets has also increased drastically and this increment does not seem to have an end and the panel says that they have talked to the clubs about it but they do not show any interest to this. All they want is a very huge amount of profit and nothing else and they will do almost anything to get that.

  1. Mandate

There is another issue that is created these days. The issue is that the football should be regulated by the government and the football clubs should be fed with a large amount of money. There is another party saying that football is more of a personal sport and has nothing to do with the government and so it should not be regulated with the government. However this controversy is also one of the issues that is proving to a threat to football and shows how big money can be cause of the ruin of the football.

These points are now under consideration to solve these issues concerning big money and to save football from all the corruption and problems that it may face. It is said that in the 1980s people showed more interest towards the Italian football but now no one seems to be doing that. This is the high time that these issues must be solved.

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