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Floodlit Cricket


Floodlit cricket is a cricket match that is played either with full floodlight or most often partial floodlights in the evening. Also known to be Day and Night cricket. The very first floodlit cricket match was played during World Series Cricket that was contested between West indies and Australia. The International Cricket Council (ICC) allows them to play under floodlights due to bad lightening. It has attracted large crowds which were able to see the best players of Australia and West Indies competing with each other. When both the World Series Cricket and International Cricket Council reached an agreement then the first ever floodlit One Day International (ODI) was played in Australia. Since then, the floodlit cricket started to gain the ground across the world. However due to the bad climate, England was a little bit reluctant to play floodlit cricket.

Floodlit Cricket

Floodlit Cricket
Floodlit Cricket

In 1994, First-class cricket was played in floodlights for the first time during the Sheffield Shield competition. Therefore, Day and Night or Floodlit cricket is now very common in Twenty20 and One Day International. Most of the matches in 2011 Cricket World Cup were Day and Night matches and so does, all the matches of 2014 ICC World Twenty20 were floodlit or day and night matches.

However in 2012, International Cricket Council (ICC) has permitted day and night test matches. The first floodlit test match was contested between the cricket teams of New Zealand and Australia at Adelaide, Oval in November, 2015 which is 36 years after the ICC has sanctioned the day and night test matches.

Know more about Floodlit Cricket

The concerned authorities started to discuss about the possibility of day and night test match in 2000s. The first day and night first-class cricket match was played by Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. Pink color ball was used in that match. After pink ball was used for the first time in West Indies, some of the Indian Premier Leagues also used Pink ball. Cricket Australia and Bangladesh Cricket League also featured with a pink ball in the cricket matches. In 2010, England Cricket Season was hosted in Abu Dhabi which uses floodlights during the matches and had received a generally positive reception. After a time of one year, the first ever County Championship played in floodlights was held at St. Lawrence Ground, Canterbury between the teams of Glam organ and Kent.

The Sheffield Shield Season of 2013-14 has included three floodlit first-class cricket matches to be played with pink balls. The trend of day and night cricket continues and Cricket Australia decided to host floodlit test cricket. Therefore, the first game was featured between them at Adelaide Oval, on November, 2015.

Now the question arises that up to what extent, pink ball is used in day and night cricket?  Almost every cricket match in all the three formats is being played with a red ball. Although, very few games for instance, day and night cricket matches are being featured with a pink ball because red ball cannot be seen easily at the evening but pink ball can be seen as it has more visibility relative to a red ball. The cricket boards such as of England and West indies seem to be reluctant in playing day and night test cricket matches in particular. The debate still hangs in the middle because some of the cricket boards are voting in the favour of day and night or floodlit cricket while some of the teams are voting against the day and night cricket. As the International Cricket Council has now also permitted day and night test cricket, so the decision is yet pending whether to play floodlit cricket or not.

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