E-games and Its Impact to the Children


E-games can good source of entertainment for all the people. They are of high interest for teenagers, adults as well as for the children. E-games are loved by everyone. People get instant entertainment by e-games. They do not need to spend their money on it. They love it even more due to the fat that there are numerous of e-games that they can play on internet free without even paying a single penny and they can have plenty of amusement for free. But like television there are some pros and cons to e-games. Children are getting highly engrossed into such games and these games have strong impacts on children and these impacts can be both, negative as well as positive.

E-games and Its Impact to the Children

E-games and Its Impact to the Children
E-games and Its Impact to the Children

These e-games can be very nice for the children if they play these games for short periods but these games tend to have negative impacts if children play these games for longer periods as it is usually said that excessive use of anything good can turn it into a threat.

Positive Impacts

E-games prove to be very beneficial due to some reasons. The e-games teach the children about some very important things that can be very useful for their daily lives.  teach the children about multi-tasking. By playing these games children are able to multi task, they can keep an eye on different things at one time. Children become quite efficient due to this. They are able to control more than one things at one time. Another very positive impact that e-games have on the children is that they can practice the co-ordination between hands and eyes. During games such as shooting they have to pay attention towards the whole situation and when they see something happening then they can easily shoot the enemies. The brain processes many different things at one time. Children are also little weak in making decisions. They cannot decide very quickly. By playing e-games their decision power becomes better and it helps in their daily lives. There are many other games that are available online that are listed to be the learning games. These games contain much information that a child can learn very easily and this whole thing can be done just by playing an interactive game. It is usually observed that the people who play such games are very efficient in their daily lives. They prove to better than others in things like driving, decision making and other things too.

Negative Impacts

There are many types of games that are available but not all of them have positive impacts. There are some of the games that are very addicting and they have a very bad influence on the children. For example there are some fighting games that includes arms and ammunition and so the child gets information about these things and so the factor of violence gets added into his personality. He likes to be violent in all conditions and fights on very small things and these kind of violent games have become increasingly popular among both, boys and girls. The behavior of the children gets highly effected. One more negative impact of these e-games is that children nowadays prefer to play these games all day and so their physical activity gets compromised. They do not want to go outside and play. Now they only want to play their games as much as they can. Children do not even give due attention to their studies due to their e-games. They ignore their studies and do not want to study it all because they start to consider that these games are more important than their studies.

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