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Can You Cheat in Online Roulette Betting?

As technology keeps improving, it influences how Roulette game is played in an online casino like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. Computers are getting faster and smarter and this game is too. As a result, more and more talented cheaters come to this world of online gambling. However, are the cheaters really cheating? Can a ‘cheating’ effort be legal? When can someone be an absolute cheater? In short, can you cheat in online Roulette betting? Read through the following paragraph and find out the answers.

Can You Cheat in Online Roulette Betting?

To begin with, let’s see how a method can turn you into an illegal players cheating in a game. There are at least two illegal methods.

  • Wheel Gaffing

Gaffing wheel means you are modifying the wheel to predict the spins more easily. It is illegal in any casino. One of the examples of wheel gaffing is loosening parts of the wheel to make a ball less bouncy in particular areas. Doing this can make a bias to the wheel and can spin particular numbers more than the others.

A casino’s automated software can actually detect this cheating but after only it is repeated for thousands of time. A player can definitely exploit this so-called deadened area before a casino realized the glitch.

  • Magnetic Balls

It is very rare for a magnetic ball to be swapped with the real one. Yet, that doings can be affected by the magnetic pulse. Playing with the magnetic balls can be done very quickly in an unnoticeable way. Therefore, it will not cause any significant interference with the electronic systems of the casino. However, a team of players once was caught of doing this illegal way of playing.

The Legal Methods of Cheating in Roulette

Worry not! There are some look-like cheating doings but they are legal. Check the following tricks:

  • Roulette Computers

These devices are predictive. They don’t affect the winning number. What kind of device is it actually? It is the quickest and most effective way to earn your triumph in a Roulette game. Roulette computers are electronic devices which are hidden and which are used to calculate the ball’s deceleration and speed and to find out the estimate winning wheel sector.

So far, this device is said to be the most effective, quickest, and most helpful way to legally cheat in Roulette. However, many roulette computers only win on worn and old wheels. There is only low accuracy of winning on modern ones.

  • Wheel Clocking

Some may define the term wheel clocking differently. But it not entirely defined as timing the wheel and the balls. Similar methods do employ electronic devices to save some date that will on the contrary become very difficult to manage without the electronic devices.

Some gambling law really go specific in term of stating the use of electronic devices is disallowed to help a player predict an outcome of a game. Almost half of the gambling jurisdictions have that kind of particular policy.

Now that you have read how some methods that belong to the illegal groups and legal groups, you know what the best is for you as a Roulette player. Cheating illegally may turn you into a prison although it gives you a chance of winning huge bucks. Can you cheat in online Roulette betting? The answer is of course ‘yes, you can’. How can you be safe in cheating? Learn the strategies above and know that you always have a choice.

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